Epifania is realization of my dreams about a lingerie line – tangible reflection of my imagination.
Epifanie lingerie will discover a mysterious energy of a woman and let her feel the magic no one else has a clue about. Epifania will inspire women go through the daily life with a touch of light and confidence thus enjoying precious moments of womanhood.
I’m putting a message in my work – love and cherish yourself. Be unique – combine the power of self-realization with your natural charm and elegance.
I am inspired by the french women style and philosophy of life. Their ability to be modern but self-sufficient and attractive at any age. Ability to feel and look good in the changing world is something I possess. Source of my energy is my hometown Liepaja – where wind chases white sand grains on the coastline of the always changing sea.
Epifania is a quest for true and not over sweetened romance in an everyday life of a woman.