''Epifania is a quest for true and not over sweetened romance 
in an everyday life of a woman ''


Driven by passion and pride, we offer a wide range of loungewear & nightwear designed to make women feel comfy and beautiful, everywhere. We want to make a difference by giving our customers the possibility to combine ethics and aesthetics when shopping. Each item is handmade in a happy environment with extra care and attantion to details.


Quality is something that we are passionate and strive for. Each piece is constructed of high-quality soft fabrics, that are dermatologically tested and approved. We promise that your new garment will feel silky to the touch and look fresh to the eye for more than few seasons!

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The story behind EPIFANIA

Epifania is realization of my dreams about a lingerie line – tangible reflection of my imagination.
The dream was to inspire women go through the daily life with a touch of light and confidence thus enjoying precious moments of womanhood.

I’m putting a message in my work – love and cherish yourself. Be unique – combine the power of self-realization with your natural charm and elegance.
I am inspired by the french women style and philosophy of life. Their ability to be modern but self-sufficient and attractive at any age. Ability to feel and look good in the changing world is something I possess. 

Source of my energy is my hometown Liepaja – where wind chases white sand grains on the coastline of the always changing sea.
Epifania is a quest for true and not over sweetened romance in an everyday life of a woman.

                                                                                                      -Daiga Henkuzena, Founder and Designer